Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jamieson and Fyler News: May 18, 2016

Liquor License Application Status 

Circle K has hired Hurley & Hurley to acquire the needed signatures for their liquor license application. H&H has been canvassing the Petition Circle for signatures. So far, they are avoiding properties with 'Say No' signs posted. It looks like Circle K has until mid-June to submit the necessary signatures to the Excise Division or their application dies.

Circle K found to be in non-compliance 

Per city officials, "zoning conducted an investigation and found that Circle K was in non-compliance on two of the conditions:
  • The trash dumpsters are not enclosed as required under their conditional use permit 
  • They have an ATM on premises in violation of their conditional use permit. 
The property is currently under a Cease & Desist notice, which will remain active through January 29, 2017. Any additional calls to police for disturbances will be dealt with through the Problem Property Process. There is an additional Service Request open on the overflowing/inadequate commercial dumpsters, to the Health Department, but that is still is in dispatch mode, with 5/23/16 as a completion date."

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