Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A meeting of minds

Last night a small gathering of nearly 20 property owners, registered voters, and business occupants came together to discuss the proposed liquor license and expansion. Most of those attending have been here for at least ten years, some even 30-40 years. Long-time residents recall the corner seeking liquor licenses several times in the past and stepping up to prevent those from happening as well. Although not everyone was in agreement on every issue or concern, it was great to see a high level of participation. I personally felt a pang of guilt last night having lived here for nearly ten years and in some cases only now making the opportunity to connect with some of my neighbors.

Many stories and opinions were shared, and I left the meeting thinking we agreed on at least two things:
  • Most were strongly against allowing a liquor license, a few were on the fence, and none were strongly for it.
  • All were in agreement that the proposed expansion of commercial property will damange residential property values as well as exacerbate existing problems related to the business and location.
We finished with an exchange of contact information and a list of action items to continue reaching out to other neighbors.

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  1. I'd like to thank Seth for all his good work on this project and everyone who attended our meeting last night. It was a real pleasure to meet our neighbors and to unite with them to accomplish something of benefit for the neighborhood. For those who may be reading this and did not attend our informal meeting, we will be going door to door to meet with you soon. I look forward to joining with you to accomplish our goal of preventing Circle K from obtaining a liquor license and expanding their footprint in our corner of the neighborhood. Many thanks! Kati

    1. Where is the 'like' button :D
      Thanks, Kati. And to you and Felicia for hosting and organizing this first round of reaching out.

  2. Thank you to volunteers! Gentle reminder to hit the pavement with information to share about the effects of the expansion in our immediate area. Talk to neighbors!

  3. The whole intersection needs to be altered before even considering an expansion. This would be even more trouble for the people coming up Fyler by the yoga studio. People ignore those drivers most of the time anyways.