Friday, March 11, 2016


Welcome to this Jamieson and Fyler corner of the internet.

The fuel and food convenience store located at the corner of Jamieson and Fyler is proposing an expanded foot print into residential space, razing the area, and building a expanded store that includes liquor sales.

All property owners, residents, and/or business occupants near the proposed expansion share a stake in the outcome of this project. The current goal of this website is to serve as a resource for anyone seeking information regarding this expansion, its potential impact to the community, and to broadcast meetings where the proposal will be discussed and/or decided.

Although we embrace progress and will remain open to discussion, we object to the currently proposed expansion and addition of liquor sales because it promises to negatively effects the surrounding residential community in a number of critical ways. Specifically:
  • Decrease residential property values
  • Increase traffic at an already congested and dangerous intersection
  • Increase crime
  • Increase litter
  • Increase air pollution
  • Increase light pollution
  • Increase noise pollution
  • Increase volume of toxic materials stored on-site
  • Decrease the character of our residential neighborhood
Readers may be asking us to back up these claims. For starters, please read this article from Community & Environmental Defense Services and Point 3 from this article by American Financial Resources, Inc.

This website is currently being maintained by Seth Davis who is a nearby resident and property owner.

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