Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jamieson and Fyler News: April 20, 2016

Date and Location Set for Circle K Informational Meeting

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) is helping to organize an informational meeting where Circle K will present their development proposal and answer questions. The meeting will be moderated, and is open to the public.

Neighborhood Meeting - Circle K Development Proposal

Wednesday, April 27th at 7:00pm

Timothy Lutheran Church (6704 Fyler Ave) 

If you are among the property owners, business occupants and registered voters within (what will be) the 350' petition circle for the liquor license, I strongly urge you to attend, hear what is being proposed, and be part of the discussion. I would just as strongly ask you to not sign the liquor license application until you have attended the closed meeting.

What about the closed meeting?

I plan to help organize a closed meeting of only people in the petition circle who will have voting authority (with regard to the liquor license). The meeting is intended for all who have voting authority without regard to personal stance on the Circle K proposal. All those for, against, or undecided should plan to attend. It will be moderated by a third party (Community Mediation Services of St. Louis) so that everyone attending will be given a chance listen and to speak.

We will not know exactly who will be in the Petition Circle until after Circle K submits their liquor license application. As many readers may recall, we were told to expect this in early April. As of yesterday, the Excise Division still reports that no application has been submitted. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see it until just before the April 27th meeting. It makes sense for Circle K to wait so they can capture signatures at the meeting.

What about the Protest Petition?

We are poised and ready to go with the Letter of Protest. Although the minimum number of signatures required is ten, it would send a strong message to the Excise Division if we had many more signatures from people within the Petition Circle. You can expect a follow up email and perhaps a visit as we go door-to-door.

What can I do to voice my concerns?

1) Attend the meetings. Definitely plan to attend the April 27th meeting.

2) Write to Alderman Vaccaro. Write to the LPNA. Write to the HUDZ. Explain why you feel strongly about this proposal.

3) Talk to your neighbors (especially if you are in the Petition Circle).  Believe it or not, some neighbors aren't on social media or email lists and don't know about the project. See if they know. What do they think about it? Try sharing your experiences (both good and bad) regarding Circle K and what it means to live in Lindenwood Park. Discuss what you think could happen when the project goes forward, or what could happen when it doesn't.

4) Avoid ranting on social media. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of toxic emotion. It's better to turn off the monitor, go outside, and talk with a neighbor face-to-face.

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  1. Thank you this informative posting, Seth. I was speaking with a judge who is also a legal expert on city law and he said to get letters on the desk of your Alderman to show your position on this. He further suggested that we photo all code infractions, trash piles by dumpsters, and the like, and share those too with the proper agencies and neighborhood leaders like Association heads, Aldermen, etc. your suggestions, above, cover many of these actions very well. I think a closed meeting would be excellent so that we are not coerced at a general meeting, or influenced by voices that will not be accountable in a Liquor License petition by what we may hear at a general neighborhood meeting. The bullying on social media probably won't happen in person, as bullies are cowards, yet I still see a closed meeting for such an important matter to us in the 350 ft. zone to be a more appropriate environment for our discussion.