Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jamieson and Fyler News: June 7, 2016

Vaccaro announces Circle K liquor license nearly done

“Unless something radical changes,” Alderman Vaccaro said Monday night at the General Assembly of the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association, the Circle K’s application for liquor at their Jamieson and Fyler location will not have enough signatures to move forward.

For those against liquor sales it is still too early to breath easy. Hurley&Hurley has until the end of the day Monday, June 13th to turn in petition signatures. After that, the current application lapses.

I thank all of our neighbors for being active one way or the other regarding this issue. Many neighbors have put a lot of their personal time into this. Once the liquor license application is off the table, there are still several matters to attend to such as
  • Circle K’s lack of compliance regarding their conditional use agreement, 
  • Other Circle K ordinance violations, 
  • What if anything can be done to help or work with Rich if Circle K doesn’t go through with the purchase of his property, and 
  • What to do about the nearly chronic problems associated with Circle K’s business such as trash, loitering, light pollution, and traffic congestion. 
In addition to those, in the weeks and months ahead I plan to re-position this website beyond this Circle K issue so that it may continue to serve the Jamieson and Fyler area as a resource for information, keeping our community strong and informed.

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  2. I wish to thank the neighbors who participated in organizing and working together to form a response to Circle K, in the form of denying a liquor license, during these past 4 months. I have learned a great deal from you all and appreciate your leadership and involvement. Those who I worked with directly conducted themselves with measured dignity, sometimes in the face of innappropriate public discourse. Thank you for staying the course to see us through to this chapter. I will be returning to my door to door visits to communicate with those who may not be reading this response to stay connected. This to me, makes a neighbors out of residents and a good neighborhood of an area. There is much work to do in our world, and I do not consider this chapter to be an ending, rather, a beginning. With respect, Felicia