Friday, June 24, 2016

Jamieson and Fyler News: June 24, 2016

Excise closes Circle K liquor license application

Excise notified us this morning that the liquor application for Mac's Convenience Stores LLC, doing business as Circle K, located at 3282 Jamieson, has been closed out. Circle K had until June 13th to turn in petition signatures. As that lapsed, Excise issued a Delay Letter, notifying Circle K they had 10 days to respond or the application would be closed. This also went without response from Circle K.

Again, I thank all of our neighbors for being active one way or the other regarding this issue. Many neighbors have put a lot of their personal time and resources into this issue. Now that the liquor license application is off the table, there are still several matters to attend to such as:
  • Circle K’s lack of compliance regarding their conditional use agreement, 
  • Other Circle K ordinance violations, 
  • What if anything can be done to help or work with Rich if Circle K doesn’t go through with the purchase of his property, and 
  • What to do about the nearly chronic problems associated with Circle K’s business such as trash, loitering, light pollution, and traffic congestion. 

What's Next For

Although the Circle K liquor license issue served as the catalyst for forming this site, there is an ongoing need to have a website and resource that serves the property owners, residents, and business occupants around Jamieson and Fyler. To that end, if you own, live, and/or work here, I'd like your feedback on what you currently see as your biggest challenge being here. Please either post in the comments section of this webpost, or if you want to remain private, email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Plastic Bottle Caps Needed for Girl Scout Buddy Bench Program

GSA Brownie Troop 233 is a member of the
Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
Gateway Science Academy's 3rd Grade Brownie Troop 233 is currently collecting plastic caps and lids to put a 'Buddy Bench' in their playground.

A Buddy Bench provides a place for a student seeking a friend to sit, so others know to reach out and include them. They will be collecting through September a

They need lots of help to collect 400 pounds of plastic lids!

The Troop has reached out to Matt, owner of Vinnie's @ 3208 Ivanhoe and he has generously agreed to serve as a drop-off point for caps. Please take them there or you can contact Seth at to schedule a pick-up. Currently we are planning pick-ups in mid-July and the end of September.


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  1. Thank you for moderating this blog as well as creating it for your neighbors. You have maintained decent speech standards and real information, not just mere opinion. I think this blog could serve to communicate ongoing concerns and celebrations in our immediate area. I appreciate everyone's efforts in our immediate area and beyond. Thank you so very much, neighbors! Felicia Foland

  2. Annette Bridges is working well to ensure that Circle K comply with their condition use agreement and has met with them recently. I was hopeful they were responding with the trash enclosure built and the flood lights out at night. Unfortunately the lights are back on, flooding three properties to their north.
    If anyone wishes to write a glowing review of Annette's work with the neighborhood, she would appreciate and accept as a thank you, a note to her boss, Dotti McDowell. Her address is:
    Neighborhood Développement Executuve
    1520 Market Street
    Suite 4000
    St. Louis, MO

    You may also find the contact through

    Thank you, Felicia

  3. I would like to alert our neighbors about an incident of armed robbery which occurred yesterday morning July 4th at the large, new, very well lit Circle K at Tesson Ferry Road and I 55:
    Thank, Kati

  4. I would like to add a correction: this Circle K is not at I 55. It is near Clydesdale Park, not far from McKenzie. Thanks.